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A Quaresma de São Miguel e o auxílio dos anjos

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Padre Paulo Ricardo


É preciso amar, pois Deus é amor!

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She told the children: ‘Do you know my real birthday is August fifth?’

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Our Lady’s Birthday (By Darlyne Mary Fujimoto)

   I came across this most touching account of Jakov’s celebration of Our Lady’s birthday at The Children of Medjugorje site, which is an excerpt* from Janice Connell’s book, Visions of the Children. My heart was so warmed by it that I had to share this with you. It will put you right into the true spirit of celebrating this special birthday, through the eyes of a child.

“Mirjana lives a few short steps from Jakov’s uncle’s house, where he now resides. She told me that in the first few days of the apparitions, the Blessed Mother was most gracious about the fear of the six visionaries, and gentle about the personal suffering each was enduring. She told the children: ‘Do you know my real birthday is August fifth?’ The children said no, they did not know that. The Blessed Mother continued: ‘Would you children like to give me some presents?’

Jakov as a boy

Jakov as a boy

“Jakov sorrowfully blurted, ‘Dear Blessed Mother, I don’t have any money!’

“The Blessed Mother smiled joyfully and said: ‘Oh Jakov, my dearest little one, you don’t need money for my birthday presents! Tonight when you go home, no matter what your feelings tell you, no matter how you are stimulated, rather than speak the pain in your heart, run outside and look at the heavens and cry out, ‘It’s all for the love of You, dear Jesus.’

“Mirjana said the next evening at the apparition, the Blessed Mother thanked Jakov for his ‘gifts’ from the previous evening. By the time the Blessed Mother’s birthday arrived, Mirjana said that Jakov was ‘just bursting.’ He had ‘billions of presents for the Blessed Mother!’

“High-strung and nervous by nature, young Jakov could hardly contain himself during the long Rosary prayers that preceded the apparition. Finally the moment came. The great flashes of light announced the arrival of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the gentle mother of all people, especially little ones with broken hearts. As Jakov saw Her, he literally reached up and grabbed at the Mother of God as he cried out, ‘Happy birthday, dear Blessed Mother!’  Realizing what he had done, Jakov fell on the floor in shame and fear. Mirjana said she saw the Blessed Mother tenderly lean down and pick him up as She took his little nail-bitten hand in Hers and kissed it.

“When I asked Jakov what it was like to be kissed by the Mother of God, he blushed a deep crimson. Embarrassed, he struggled: ‘There are no words to describe what it is like to be kissed by the Mother of God. It is part of the things of Heaven.’ ”

Editor’s note:  Darlyne is from Cerritos, CA.


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